Membership List

Membership Forms may be found behind the bar or on the forms page of this website. Members Loyalty Card will be used in conjunction with the clubs till system. Terms and Conditions of use of the Loyalty Card - This Loyalty Card is for the use of members, their partner / spouse and their children under the age of 18. This Loyalty Card may be used for the purchase of the members ‘round of drinks’, which may include non-members. The Loyalty Card may not be borrowed by other members or non-members for purchases at the bar. The Membership Secretary and the TBCC Committee reserves the right to reduce or cancel the benefits of this loyalty card at any time due to misuse. Loyalty cards take up to 7 working days to be available and may be collected from the membership secretary. Replacement cards cost £4. Any changes to the terms and conditions can be found on the clubs website. Please ensure you have this card with you when making purchases at the bar.